Saturday, December 10, 2011

11/21/2011 Huuuuuge Photo Shoot with Emily :))

Hey Ya'll!
I am finally putting up the pictures that Emily took of me (she is amazing with the camera!! She is truly a proffessional! Google her and go to her Picassa web album!! And I will post her website as soon as she is finished with it) and the pictures I took of her!! She taught me how to shoot with Manul focus!! YAY!!! I was originally gonna put up all the original pictures and all the pictures that she edited but the edited ones are so good (yepp! She is good at that too!!) That I dont need too!! So here they are!! And if they are a little bit blurry it's because she had to email them to me :) The first one is my Yearbook photo!! Yay!!!!

Part 1 of 2 :) I am going to do Emily's separate :D


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