Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 4

My Favorite Color....... RAINBOW!!!!!!!!!

My brother Kyle took this so it doesnt really count, but its so awesome and he taught me how to do it as you will see :)

Day 3

CLOUDS!!!! Sorry for being late.... again...... I was busy like all day long...... But no excuses :)
SOOOOO Here is my Clouds entry :)) Its sunrise at the Grand Canyon when we went there for christmas! (I have like 300 between christmas and now that I still have to put on my blog! Agh!)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 2

So.... This is my 1 day late day 2 :) Hahahah!!!! I was in Austin watching Youth and Governent with Rachel Tucker for the day :) (Saturday) So YAY WE WENT TO STATE!!!! I think thats what you say..... Idk :) But YAAAAY I saw Courtney, Caroline, Rebekka and Jonathan like actually talked to them.... And all my other friends I observed from the balcony :) Hahaa....... In a skirt.... a sheer peasant top.... and 4 inch heels.... And no jacket.... When it happened to be 50 degrees.... YAY!! Jkkk so i will put up a picture of that outift so its actually what i wore.... but for now I dont have it.... So here is what I wore when I did my self portrait :) Its my Valentines Day,.... My brothers cant fly in to take me on a date (LOL) So i will go with a friend..... Hopefully to see The Vow (and it wont be a guy... well..... yeah hahahah)

I was slumping..... Darn!!! And the scenery is..... My Moms bathroom so I could see the picture in the mirror while I auto-focused and used the self timer.... :)
UDATE 1/31/2012
Haha so here is my actual outfit (if it will upload... Because it wouldnt the other day)

Thats what I wore in Austin... Sorry it was a really fast lazy picture

Thats what I was actually wearing when I made the post

Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 1

So here is my entry for Day 1 of the 30 Day Photo Challenge by the blog Oh So Lovely :)

Yes..... My eye liner is un even..... Thats what happens when you have the house to yourself at 9 pm and you feel like dressing up and taking pictures....... Tomorrow you can see the dress I was wearing at this time :)
(I did take this myself so it is a self portrait :) I was using Manual Focus by looking at the focus in a mirror..... Sneaky huh lol)

30 Photo Challenge (YAY)

YAAAAY!!!! So when I was on my dear friend Megan Firdge's blog, she posted this challenge and I am totoally going to do it!! Late but.... I honetsly dont care at all!!! So I am copying the picture and giving the link :) I hope thats allowed.....


So whadya think??? Will you DO IT??? :D

New Website :)

So this is NOOO Longer my "wanna be website" It is simply my photography blog (yay!! More fun!!) My "official" website is:
Aimee Elizabeth Photography

So this blog will become much more fun!!!