Friday, April 20, 2012

I have problems

You guys..... I need help. Serious help. I didnt sleep till 3:30 last night. Which means I got a total of 5 hours of sleep. No more. I shall no longer look at One Direction on IG..... PSSSSH!!!! Like thats gonna happen........
Like I said. I need help. Help me.

Heres my stuff I edited on picnic.... That I never posted :) Most of the littl children pictures are from the Easter Egg HUnt..... The random ones are random :) (The elephant was from the zoo for my Momma's bday)

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Man! I seriously suck at posting!!!!
Well this weekend went a lil like this:
Got loaded with homework (I love TGC hehe.... not)
Watched, We Bought A Zoo, in the evening with Rachel Moriseey
Prepared all day for the Easter Egg Hunt
Went to town center and got Swirl with my daddy, then went to AE and drooled over stuff.... AT like 10 o'clock at night.... Came home and watche a The Mentalist episode..... I love dates with my Dad
Woke up at 8 for the Easter Egg hunt...... Lots of set up until the actual thing at 10
Ran around helping little children, taking pictures with Emily, and hiding eggs from 10-1
Saw Mirror Mirror....... Be extremely bored and ready to laugh at non funny things.... Or dont go see it!
Watched some Shenandoah movie......
Told Emily a bed time story <3
Woke up at 6:45..... Fell back asleep till 7:15.... Putting a kink in my morning
Curled my hair.... With my straightener..... And it didnt work
Curled my hair with my Mom's curling iron, using it like a wand.... SUCCESS
Had a great church service
Edited pictures on for a couple hours
Had a picknick in the backyard for lunch
Gorged myself on cheesecake
And now we are at the present time, where I am writing a blog post! YAY!

Heres the results of my messing around on Picnik..... They arent coming up..... I will try again later.... I will leave you with a picture of me with a very Picnik edited tan :) heheheheheh

XOXOXO Aimee Elizabeth