Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I have to say hands down Valentines Day is my absolute favorite holiday!! And this Valentines Day was wonderful :) My Daddy suprised us by sending us chocolate covered strawberries in the mail (through like pro-flowers i think) and they were absoultey incredible, I have pictures to post later :). And my mom let me read The Hunger Games and gave me a beautiful card and a shirt from The Varsty which is SO Special, if you want to know why read The Swan House  by Elizabeth Musser (its chirstian). And my Dad took us to Japeneiro's so yeah!! My Valentines day way incredible!! I am not allowed to see The Vow... Which yeah that killed me but I guess I've been so into The Hunger Games that I havent even realized it so :) And on Friday (i dont care if its a little late lol) I'm going to watch romantic movies with Coryn while my parents see The Vow.... I LOVE YOU CHANNING TATUM!!!! And Rachel McAdams is SOOOO gorgeous!!

ANYWAYS :) Here is a picture Emily took that plain and simple took my breath away! Thanks for letting me use it Em!!

She posted it on Instagram < Click there for the link to her page :)

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!! (1 day late)

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